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In most cases colours and patterns can be interchanged.  However, note that the effect can be very different when a  different colour scheme is used. Scale: images have been scanned from 55mm. squares of marbled paper.

Papers: Acid free 450-500 mm. x 600-640mm.  
  Weight: 90-125gsm  
Price Structure:
    short grain long grain
1-9 of same paper: each $25 $25
10+ of same paper
each $23 $23
Trad 2, Trad 11, Aus. 1 and Aus 2
10 + assorted mixed papers
each $20 $20
Copied papers: each
$50 $50

Additional costs 2 1/2 % Handling charge, Mailing Tube, Postage.


and / or

First Time Order

payment in advance by internet banking, Paypal, cheque or money order.
Special Orders Please enquire about marbled paper for wedding invitations, short print runs, printing rights and marbling workshops.
Please note that there is a 5% discount for orders over $200. Please enquire about further discounts for long runs of the same pattern
N.B. All papers are hand marbled and copyright.
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